Ashville Concrete are regarded by the industry as one of the most reliable and best suppliers of Ready Mix Concrete Winkfield and across the nearby areas. Each of the Concrete Products we stock are perfect for: commercial, highway domestic and agricultural use. Whatever quantity of Ready Mix Concrete Winkfield you require, no jobs too large or too small as you only pay for the precise amount of Ready Mix Concrete Winkfield used. 

Our Volumetric Lorries ensure we’re able to our clients with the quality aggregate that allow us to manufacture the precise quantity of Ready Mix Concrete you need. Every one of our vehicles are installed with the latest calibration software which means that our vehicles can act as mobile batching plants. This means we’re always able to provide an exact service with very little waste product. As well – we’re able to manufacture multiple different concrete products with each delivery.

Ready Mix Concrete Winkfield can be used for the following applications: Foundations, Footings, Public Highways, Shed Bases, Under Water, Agricultural,Floor Bases, Slabs, Footpaths, Driveways, Driveways, Pilling and Waterproofing.

One of our professional operators will arrive on site at a time ideally suited to your schedule, 24 hours a day seven days a week. It is our aim to provide our clients with service on the same working day as you order, or the following day during busier periods.

All our staff members are very proud of our vehicles which we wash daily and maintained thoroughly. Each vehicles installed with the latest safety and tracking technology. Thanks to this, we’re able to communicate with our drivers and monitor their locations should we need to adapt to any unforeseen issues en route to your location. 

Ready Mix Concrete Winkfield is not the only service that we provide at the Ashville Group. We can also offer Ready Mix Screed, Concrete Pump Hire, Tipper Hire, Grab Hire, Skip Hire and Aggregates supply. 

Ready Mix Concrete Sunbury on Thames

Ashville Concrete provide Ready Mix Screed Winkfield with our fleet of modern vehicles. The types of screed we offer are: Traditional Screed, Fibre Screed, Early Strength Screed, Fast Drying Screed, Eco Screed, Polymer Screed.

Ready Mix Concrete Sunbury on Thames

Here at Ashville, we can provide you with Concrete Pump Hire Winkfield alongside Ready Mix Concrete Winkfield. Our volumetric mixing trucks will ensure you only pay for what you need.

Ready Mix Concrete Sunbury on Thames

We can add any two admixtures to you concrete when mixing, creating waterproof, sulphate resisting, self compacting, foam, high workabilty, retarded, early strength and coloured concretes.



Other Services We Provide

Grab Hire - Ready Mix Concrete Sunbury on Thames

We can offer Grab Hire Winkfield alongside Ready Mix Concrete Winkfield.  This is a cost efficient way of removing waste and supplying materials. Our vehicles can carry roughly 15 tonnes and can service commercial and domestic clients, at construction and residential sites.

Skip Hire -Ready Mix Concrete Sunbury on Thames

Our Skip Hire Winkfield service provides a way to remove multiple forms of waste from construction sites and homes. We offer either a set down/return/exchange or wait and load service, whatever suits you best.


Tipper Hire - Ready Mix Concrete Sunbury on Thames

Tipper Hire Winkfield provides another efficient way of removing and supplying materials. This service is ideal for sites which have diggers (8 tonnes upwards) and shovel machines capable of loading. Our vehicles can carry up to 20 tonnes of material or waste.

Mini Grab - Ready Mix Concrete Sunbury on Thames

For jobs that require a slightly more flexible approach, our 4×2 “Baby Grab” lorry provides the perfect solution. It has a smaller turning circle than it’s bigger brother, but can still carry up to 9 tonnes of materials

Aggregates Supply - Ready Mix Concrete Sunbury on Thames

We supply a wide range of primary and secondary aggregates. These are: Building Sand, Sharp Sand, Ballast, Limestone, Ornamental and Landscaping Bark, Type 1 Crushed Concrete, Pea Shingle, Top soil and Type 1 MOT.


Muck Away - Ready Mix Concrete Sunbury on Thames

Our Muck Away Winkfield service ensures you can take advantage of our vehicles and landfill facilities removing inert waste. We can also deliver aggregates alongside our Muck Away service, giving you a convenient and helpful service every time.

Our Products

Foamed Concrete - Ashville Concrete

Foamed Concrete

Dry Mix Concrete - Ashville Concrete

Dry Mix Concrete

Retarded Concrete - Ashville Concrete

Retarded Concrete

Quick Set Concrete - Ashville Concrete

Quick Set Concrete

Quick Set Concrete is the same Ready Mix Concrete you are familiar with, but has an admixture which accelerates drying time. This means rather than waiting for long periods of time for Ready Mix Concrete to dry, you can shorten this time and continue working.

Waterproof Concrete - Ashville Concrete

Waterproof Concrete

Waterproof Concrete is an impenetrable barrier and an ideal solution for structural works across a wide range of applications. We can supply waterproof concrete to a specification or can provide a specification for approval from project consultants.

Admixtures - Ashville Concrete


Ashville Concrete stock an extensive range of Admixtures suitable for our mixtures. These are: Accelerators, Retarders, Fibres, Foaming Agents, Air Entrainers, Plasticisers, and Release Agents.

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Cross-Rail Compliant


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